When I was younger, it seemed like doing anything for a decade (other than the obvious, like staying alive or watching sunsets) was insane. My interests changed from moment to moment in my teens, and so did my personality. Nothing was consistent. Nothing survived the test of time.

Or, so it seemed anyway.

Now, as the years I’ve collected spew over into decades, and the days seem shorter, it seems easy to spend most of a lifetime on one particular interest. And easier still to spend it writing.

As of last year, I have done just that online.

It’s hard to believe that over a decade ago, I started writing my thoughts down online. Harder still to imagine my mindset. For the writer who penned their thoughts ten years ago is not the writer who sits afront you now. Back then what looked back at me in the mirror was a being who was deeply lonely. Searching for connection. Searching for meaning.

Of course, anyone worth their salt will tell you that everyone is searching for meaning. And, sure, I’m still doing that.

But, I am doing so from a place of abundance when it comes to the things I love. I have friends. I have sunsets. And I still have my constant need for connection. I love reaching out into the void of a blank page and seeing what reaches back.

So as 2022 comes to an end, here’s to another year of finding friends, happiness, and comfort in the page


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