On the internet, you’re not supposed to mention time. You’re supposed to act as if we live in a timeless vacuum, a tear drop suspended in a waterfall, a moment paused for the rest of existence. Timeless vacuums are attractive. Instant classics. Silent and contemplative moments tinted with a golden hue and gilded with the […]

I love new year now is the time for vastly overestimating ourselves! now is the time for dreaming big with reckless abandon. There aren’t a lot of times in life that you’re allowed to promise yourself much more than you know you can deliver i like to think we get to see the inner workings […]

I read books because books have always brought me joy. I am privileged; privileged that I could read before I could do much else as a child; privileged to have parents who were great readers themselves. I was the kid of read the entire children’s library in school twice and then they let her read […]

A few weeks ago, maybe a month even, I happened upon author, extraordinaire, and genuinely kind human being Tommy Donbavand thanks to the power of twitter. The thing about Tommy is he’s battling cancer right now, like genuinely as I type this the game is afoot. I know this because he blogs about it every single day — […]

Because I write, I love stationery. Sometimes I love stationery so much I wonder whether it’s the other way around. Did I start loving writing all those years ago because I loved pens, and paper, and all of the things that accompany them? I’ll happily spend an afternoon browsing the latest fieldnotes books just as […]

The premise If you’re anything like me, with January comes this overwhelming need to get organised. This month is a little bit like pushing off on a really tall waterslide that didn’t look that tall when you started but now it occurs to you that this thing is really fast and does anyone remember how […]

It’s been a long while since I’ve actually just said hello to people wandering around the interwebs and falling into the bottomless pit of literary jam & toast. So! I’m taking part in a super speedy blogfest that will let us exchange info and get to know you guys! In the spirit of things you […]