Lessons From a decade of words

When I was younger, it seemed like doing anything for a decade (other than the obvious, like staying alive or watching sunsets) was insane. My interests changed from moment to moment in my teens, and so did my personality. Nothing was consistent. Nothing survived the test of time. Or, so it seemed anyway. Now, as […]

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Standing On Broken Glass: How To Get Up After A Fail

This post is both a metaphor and entirely literal. Last night, in the middle of the bathroom, as happens to me not infrequently, I was injured. I stood on some broken glass. As with all large, momentous, fails it honestly took me a while to notice what had happened. It took a moment for the [&hellip

How To Become A Writer

In all the worlds in all the universe, one question echoes louder above the rest in the hearts and minds of avid creators looking for their place in the cosmos: how exa

The Art of Living

The older I get, the more I understand that life isn’t about perfectly staged moments or pristine memories or even long periods of joy. It’s about all the other stuff too. In many ways, all of that other stuff. Here’s how life just seems to work now.