Now I seek a chair so that I may sit at the desk to do the writing. At present, I can either stand in a sort of squat or perch on a box.

Here are some great chairs I am considering using working from home. In my opinion, these could be the best chairs for working from home in 2021.

Since we last convened, I have had a glorious desk. It has drawers and beautiful legs. And most importantly of all, it means I am no longer writing and working at my kitchen counter.

Here it is.

chair option the first: velvet wonder

Where: Wayfair

Price: 🤑🤑

What I like: Velvet seems a very appropriate medium to use when writing anything. Luxuriating on its silky soft surface while putting name to thoughts and feelings and so on seems like something I should aspire to. Plus, I feel like this chair fits a mood.

Notes: It looks like I might have back problems for days if I write in it 9-5.


The Chair the second: Budget-friendly

Where: Amazon

Price: 🤑🤑

What I like: This is also more budget-friendly and back-friendly for many people. It is basic but has all the things one might want in a chair, too, like wheels and a place to sit.

Notes: It seems to only come in black


The Chair: Velvet wonder; Tokyo drift

What I like: Okay, this is probably my favourite chair. It looks like I could curl up right in there with a good book should I need a break from the screen. It looks wondrous, and magical and reminds me of things like the smell of a good book and gentle tapping of computer keys.

Notes: If I get this chair, I might also need to get a cat.

mount doom of chairs: office executive chic

Where: Wayfair

Price: 🤑🤑🤑

What I like: This says ‘office’ without screaming OFFICE

Notes: If I get this chair, I might also need build a secret bunker


Do you have any good tips for finding the perfect chair? I have been not-sitting at my wonderful new desk for quite some time.


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