Look, I struggle as much as the next person when I’m sandwiched somewhere between the cereal bars and the literal sandwich bread trying to work or write from home.

Recently, I’ve had an upgrade to my desk situation (in that I actually have a desk at home now) but my eating habits are still wild and often reckless.

One thing I’ve found has been friendly to my body and my wallet is an app I will speak about today. Very much not sponsored, I just like them.

So here’s how I eat (somewhat) healthily at home.

I’ve tried all manner of recipe books and apps over the years in my search for something that can be used in moments of desperation and that is budget friendly.

I find I struggle most when I have random ingredients left at home and no real understanding of if or how to make something good.

Yummly is an app I’ve used for a while and it’s fine. I just never really remember to use it.

The app I now use that makes a world of difference is SortedFood Packs.

The Benefits

Shopping List: Anything that makes shopping cheaper or faster is fantastic.This does both.

A Sensory Experience: This combines written instructions with audio instructions with video and pictures. You know exactly how something should look when.

Choice: Every week I get to choose a set of three to five receipts combined into one ‘pack’ that should last me a week.

Adventure: Some people might hate this, but unless I’ve browsed ahead in the app I often genuinely don’t know exactly what the end result will be. I know vaguely, but the exact dish is always a surprise for me

The Cost


Subscription is monthly and they add new recipe packs weekly, though. You also get free recipe books, and access to their podcast.

There’s also a free trial.

The Results

Ah, yes, what we’ve all been waiting for: the results.

Look, my cooking presentations skills are still below par but the food is great. The app has shown me what staples I can have in my cupboard that will last and which flavors work best together.

It jazzes up my week and helps me make sure I have exactly enough food for us.

It has also taught me how to make things I just wouldn’t try without help.

Plus, during COVID lockdown it helped me make sure we had enough food and variety for a week to two weeks at a time. It was reassuring.

I often find that if I know what we’re eating and that it’s good, I snack less often. This app has helped me resist the cereal bars and much more while working on a kitchen counter at home.

Here is something slightly less ugly than my cooking

Here is something slightly less ugly than my cooking

How do you stay healthy at home?


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