In 2020, many things happened. For one, I became affianced. Here are some notes I have on getting engaged that could help you should you become engaged and might save you a few hours of furiously Googling things.

On the internet, you’re not supposed to mention time. You’re supposed to act as if we live in a timeless vacuum, a tear drop suspended in a waterfall, a moment paused for the rest of existence. Timeless vacuums are attractive. Instant classics. Silent and contemplative moments tinted with a golden hue and gilded with the […]

Shamefully, I only blogged about six times last year. When I first saw this I thought there must be some kind of mistake; maybe a goblin logged-in and deleted all my posts. But no, I'm quite correct. So, what did I do with my year instead?

2018 has been a wild ride for me. We stole palm fronds with rusty machetes down by the beach and danced barefoot around crackling fires underneath the stars.