So, you made it to 2021!

You made it through wildfires, earthquakes, and pandemics. You made it through murder hornets, disappearing stars (on earth and the celestial kind too), and the threat of nuclear war. You made it through personal triumphs and intimate disasters.

Here you are.

You made it.

I’m never really one to make New Year resolutions. Mostly because I think you can choose any day of the year to start something new, and to be reborn.

That said, I think that New Year’s can be very hopeful times of the year. Here we are, standing on the very edge of the precipice of 365 chances to change.

So here we are, teetering over the edge. And here I am, congratulating you.

I had a Chinese tutor once who explained to me that when your zodiac animal year repeats it is special. Not special in necessarily a good way, just in an eventful way. It’s something to be as excited about as you are nervous.

Whether that was true or not in many ways 2020 was that for us all.

Eventful. Noteworthy. Remarkable. Full.

My 2020 was full of love. The kind that breaks you and the kind that renews you.

My 2020 was meaningful, and I think that is enough.

Happy 2021!


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