Recently, I’ve been taking a look back through some of my older posts — shamefully, I only blogged about six times last year.

When I first saw this I thought there must be some kind of mistake; maybe a goblin logged-in and deleted all my posts. But no, I’m quite correct. Less than a handful of times I took up to blogging in 2018.

So, what did I do with my year instead?

In 2018 here’s what I spent my time doing:


  • I took up sports in a big way.

  • At first it just seemed like something to do, to make friends and be outside.

  • But, now, it is the thing that I do when I’m not indoors and I love the feeling of strength that’s gradually evolved at almost the exact pace my runners fall apart.


Wanderlust & Welcoming New Friends

  • Then, I took up traveling too

  • I went outside and met people, which as naturally indoors folk we can all agree is a big deal.

  • But maybe not as big of a deal as I thought because once I started doing it, I began travelling and meeting new people all the time.

  • I developed a thirst for new friends.


Sandy Sunsets & Everything In-Between

  • Not going to lie to you, I walked, sat, and slept on a lot of beaches. Living in the Caribbean, I kind of felt like it was my duty.

  • Sometimes I went to the beach with the intention of sleeping, but other times it just sort of happened on lazy Saturday afternoons when I had nowhere in particular to be.

  • I swam too. Sometimes through strong currents and choppy seas, but mostly lazily through crystal clear waters in the kind of way that you might call ‘just floating there’ if you didn’t know me.



  • I wrote (a little).

  • I wrote not nearly enough or as often as I intended.

  • But I made progress all the same


I Laughed

  • & loved

  • & danced

  • & sang

  • &, one time, hugged the porcelain of the toilet mulling over my past mistakes and feeling like I might throw up.

  • I did throw up, so at the very least we can agree that my instincts were correct.

  • & all of this I have done before but all of this felt so fresh, and new, and spectacular that I wanted to do it all over again.

  • (apart from the throwing up part, that can definitely be put on hold for a few years)

Tell me about your 2018! What did you do last year?


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