Three and some years ago I set off on an adventure that overhauled my entire life.

With my father’s help I sold my car. Quite on my own, I got rid of most of the things I possessed.

I gave up my job. I gave away most of my books. What I didn’t give away I left in a corner of my parents’ house or sometimes gifted to people with the promise that one day I would return to check on the items. Lamps, desks, books, and whole life I gave up for Caribbean sunsets.

Now here we are, in the spring of my fourth year on these islands as the Northwesterly breeze rolls through once again and I watch another sunset.

Few things in life turn out how you plan — in some ways that is the entire beauty of it. Life is an unrehearsed symphony for which nobody knows the melody until it is done. My time in the Caribbean has been wonderful, spontaneous, and an adventure.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my adventurous home:

The Colour Of My Heart

It burns a brilliant green and then ebbs into a calming blue. It blazes all in orange and then is subdued. It is as colourful as a lush tropical forest and as loud as a hurricane. It is the colour of the sunsets I so love. It is still content.

Living In The Spontaneous

I’m probably not the only one to have learnt this in the last few years but living in the moment, it turns out, is an important part of the ride.

Enjoying a sunset, a scent in the air, a ray of sunshine, or even a rainstorm once in a while is important. The more I do it the better I feel.

Planning is great but so is just going with with whatever the road throws at you — so is just enjoying a moment that is simple, and quiet.

a Taste of true love

True love comes in many forms — over the last three years it seems I’ve known it all. Friendships born in the sand on easy summer days followed by kind summer nights; the love of parents from across the world and family members, old and new, whose love runs deep and strong; and a love like no other ❤️

There’s nothing a Caribbean sunset can’t make slightly better. And it’s changed my world in these last three years.


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