It’s funny, time seems to have gone wonky since January 2020. Sometimes weeks seem like years and other times the last year seems like a month.

Often, hours tumble into one when I’m working from home. I find time to work, and barely to eat, and that’s about it.

So how can you find time to look after yourself when you’re working from home during these COVID times? Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Set Reminders

Yes, reminding myself to take a break helps. Otherwise before I know it the hour is late and my head is sore. I set reminders for all kinds of things — from food to moments of calm. I try to take regular breaks — maybe even more than I might in an office — because I work longer.

Turning Off

If people don’t respect my boundaries I have learnt to turn off my phone and take a step back when work is done. I set clear expectations and then I shut my laptop off and power down.

Moving Furniture

If you’re in a small apartment, moving from room to room when you’re done working is not an option (although it’s definitely ideal).

I’ve found that moving to a different piece of furniture can also help even if it’s from one chair to another. A physical reminder to switch off is important.

How do you find time for yourself working from home?


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