There are about a million different resources and writing worksheets outside in the world for writers and authors, but to be honest, going outside is scary, and who wants to do that? To make things less scary, I’ve collected every worksheet I know of in one place for you to browse so we can really settle down and feel cosy. I’m doing this to procrastinate from Nanowrimo, so shhh don’t tell anyone.

Fiction worksheets are so great for helping to structure novels and even just get the creativity flowing! If you have any cool worksheets to add, let me know in the comments! I’ve structured these so you can skip to the following if you click on the titles:

Alright, let’s get started!


For Your Plot

Plot is the very lifeblood of your story! It’s so important, and yet sometimes it will evade you! Don’t worry! There are so many great resources out there. Try a worksheet and see if it helps. I find it best to browse through resources until something sticks because not all worksheets are ideal for all writers.

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes

This is an old resource (1998), but it’s still great!  If you can get over the old(ish) design of the page (like, we’re talking twenty-year-old web design here), it’s a real treat to work through and fast! Sometimes, you just want to do things quickly. So, if you’re three packets deep into a Haribo frenzy or ten cups of tea too far down a caffeinated haze, it’s possible this is the worksheet for you! Also, the entire page is in this cute lavender shade, and I think it’s wonderful.

How to End Your Novel

You’re wondering it. I’m wondering about it. Perhaps we’ve always been wondering it since the dawn of time: How Exactly Do I End this Flipping Novel? Luckily, our pal Sara also has the answer to this great little list. She also has a tonne of great writing worksheets here.

Evernote Story Beats

If you use Evernote to write notes (or maybe your whole novel!), this might be perfect for you. No, it’s not some young artist jamming to some sweet beats. No, that’s not what I thought it was when I heard about it the first time either. Not at all.

Martha Alderson

Martha is an international plot consultant and author of the Plot Whisperer books for writers. She has so many great resources on her website, but I really like this one.

Ksenia Ankse’s Novel Template

For people who have Scrivener, this template is fantastic! It’s free, too, although if you particularly like it, consider helping Ksenia out on Patreon! Templates like these are absolute gems! I love being able to store all my info in one place!

Katja Kaine Saves Your Plot

Planning a compelling storyline can be hard; luckily, Katja has us covered!

For Your Characters

Sometimes, characters walk into your head on a rainy afternoon in November and never leave; others avoid you altogether when they feel like it. If you’re having trouble fleshing out characters or want a structure for the voice talking inside your head, this is the ideal list of writing worksheets for you! Take a look at the things I’ve found on my travels through the interwebs.

Annie Neugebauer’s Character Chart Template

This character chart template is super helpful! The more you fill out the chart, the stronger your characters will be! This resource is completely free, but you can always donate to Annie via PayPal if you fall in love with it. I especially love the detail in this chart. Quirks are interesting to work out in a character because it can make them seem so real!

Writers Digest Character Sketch

The Writers Digest is a great place to hang out in general for tips and hints on all kinds of things! This is a particular fave of mine. If you’re feeling particularly stressed or confused, you can always count on Writer’s Digest to help you out.

Tricia Goyer Character Creation

Honestly? I’m feeling a little exhausted at this point. There are so many resources! Bah!! Who’s idea was it to collect writing worksheets all in one convenient place?? Mine? Well, obviously, I’m an idiot. Anyway! Here’s another one I like. We’ve come too far to stop now.

Elizabeth Spann Craig’s Character Sheets

I can’t count the number of times over the years that Elizabeth has kept me going, so in order to keep me going through this list, let’s highlight Elizabeth! She made a great list of character sheets you can download below.

Kaye Dacus Creating Credible Characters

Legit might be dying of exhaustion, but my dying wish is that you look at this great worksheet on how to make awesome characters.

How to Write Facial Expressions

When I first came across this, I was so excited! But now my hands are sweaty, and my mouth is dry because I’ve been making this list for so long I’m beginning to think I’ll never find my way out of the labyrinth.  Anyway, here’s Bryn Donovan on how to facial expressions when you know you’re leaning on your crutch expression and need something new.

Long-Form Resources

Okay, so this stuff is for those of you who want to get down to business and are ready to commit. I’m feeling a second wind come over me, so here are some of my long-form resources!

Fae Kirwin’s Epic 170 Page Workbook

That’s right. 170 pages of fabulousness!  STUNNING. As a part-time designer and full-time nerd, I appreciate the amount of effort that’s gone into making this book of writing worksheets, and I just feel all kinds of giddy!👏🎉😍😱 The workbook is only $9, so it’s not going to necessarily break the bank and can be something you save for if you don’t have the money right now.

Ink & Quills’ 45 Page Workbook

I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up. This is $10.  Well worth the money if you have it spare and are looking for a resource.

Michelle Richmond’s Novel Planning Writing Worksheets

This is a steal! Michelle is an NYT bestseller and spends a lot of time helping out other writers and authors. She has twenty years of experience behind her, and tbh one day, when I am flush with cash and not eating three-day-old pizza and sewing up holes in my shoes, I’d love to have her as a coach, too.


I honestly didn’t think we’d make it to this point together, but this section is reserved for YOU. Tell me what links you have out there that are worth mentioning!! I wanted to add more links, but to be honest, it was stop here or die from exhaustion, so once I get back from my quick nap pls, tell me where you’ve found good things on the internet! No link is too small! When I’m back from my nap, I’ll even add them to this post!


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