Writing outside can be hard. Indoors is often where it is at for writers. There’s unlimited tea and, if you live with me, unlimited pop-tarts too (I know you didn’t ask but there are no less than 48 pop-tarts in my flat right now FYI). There’s never too far of a walk to get to bed, and naps aren’t totally out of the question with inside situations. This year I’ve been trying something new in addition to your traditional writing while in PJs at the breakfast counter kind of a deal during Nanowrimo and beyond.

I’ve been writing outside.

It’s probably exactly as hard as you think. The weather is always somehow not helping (in my case — and not to complain because I love it — but I find the sunshine around me infinitely distracting) and the outside world is good at being interesting — almost as if it perfected the term ‘tangent’ millions of years before we came along just so it could divert your thinking on this particular day during this particular writing session.

But the outside world is also glorious and I’m finding it’s full of great things like a lack of reliable internet, and people, and beauty. The lack of internet is particularly important to me because it gives me space to think and not fall into a pit of research or Twitter or whatever we’re calling it these days when I have approximately 700 billion tabs open and no clue which is which.

Plus inside can be pretty distracting sometimes anyway…

What distracts you from writing?


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