I rely a lot on kindle now. Because I came here with only two suitcases strictly weight limited I left my library of books at home. My parents said I could take one every time I visit. A long distance library of sorts. In four months I have not been home once, so there’s a lie parents will tell you to help reduce your luggage weight right there.

flying to the caribbean get free books

flying to the caribbean get free books

Apart from on kindle, in four months I’ve accumulated three books. Two fiction, one non-fiction. One novel, one short story collection. Acquiring books here is an art form. Either you leave the island, pluck up enough cash to splash out on a very pricey book, or you get given it by a friend.

Like many people in this world, for right now, I just don’t have the extra cash to be buying books all the time. Two out of my three books were purchased, and one is a loan. It’s the kind of loan that’s given to you on condition you don’t give the book back. In the tradition of the thing, I plan on loaning it to somebody else soon. And, until I’m super rich or somewhere that has delivery services, I’m savouring the books I do own (on kindle). Re-reading classics and making lists of the things I truly would like to read. Writing my own things has also become a huge part of my entertainment.

Anyway, all this to say there are ways around being without money and reading, and non of them involve piracy. In my short time here I’ve come up with some fool proof methods for getting books fairly and squarely and within budget. Sometimes these methods lead to free books:

  • Libraries. These exist in most places. Sure, they might be limited (mine is mostly non-fiction) but they’re still a valuable resource!

  • Friends: Your pals are great for either loaning or for giving you books as gifts. I find being vocal about loving books means that when somebody has a book they don’t like or wants to get me a gift, books come my way.

  • Saveup: Controversial, but if you love books that much like I do, save up and buy one once in a while. You don’t have to buy many but, yeah, that’s a way to own things fairly.

  • Sales: Now, for me, online sales can’t happen because there’s no delivery out here but sales in book shops are a thing that I live for! Keep an eye out for sales and discounts and be on it when they happen.

  • Generosity of Authors: Sometimes authors give out free content on their blogs. This is supposed to encourage you to buy things, so if you’re going to be reading the content I’d suggest keeping note of what you read so that later, when you’re a billionaire or even just have reasonable funds, you can buy their books.

After you’ve done all this? Leave reviews online! Promote the books you liked to your friends and followers. Become a powerful source of good in the book community! There’s nothing better than helping an author out after you’ve read a great book.

How do you acquire books?


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