They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover but there is something appealing in doing just that. Only to books. Only in the depths of night. Only when the fancy takes me. I like to look at the trends of book covers in YA and think about what it means. Every year […]

My dear buddy, Amalia Dillin, has another book out soon! It is called Honor Among Orcs and doesn’t it look fabulous all here on my blog? The font especially appeals to me because it is a really nice serif, but the author name itself is in a sans serif telling you this is a new twist […]

To win the world, Adam will defy the gods, but his fate rests in Eve’s hands. The fabulous Amalia Dillin’s next book cover is out today! Time for another closeup! What do you think? I happen to organise my bookshelves by colour so it is very fortuitous that this matches book #1 so well! Lightning […]

You may remember recently I wrote a post about typefaces on covers, and how I think they are important. Well, today, we get to take a closer look at one of the covers I featured in a series I have decided to call CLOSE COVER CLOSEUP! How fabulous! Tempting Fate came out yesterday and look how snazzy […]

I was reading a book review recently of a piece of storytelling that I thought was divine. I read it in a single afternoon, surprised by how much I enjoyed the content. This particular reviewer was also surprised. They used a great many exclamation marks to make it clear they thought this story was going […]

I recently reordered my bookshelves by colour because honestly I was getting a little bored of the alphabet and so many of them are such brilliant shades. It took longer than expected (because, unlike with the alphabet, I didn’t know how many colours I needed to account for), and I ended up with at least […]