One of my favourite sayings comes from an old tale.
‘This too shall pass’

You see this plastered on a lot of pictures online these days — for some reason with a lot of pictures of beaches — and you could be forgive for thinking this is a super positive matra. ‘Hey, this too shall pass!” you could say to a co-worker or study buddy tomorrow and they’d perhaps offer you a small smile thinking that maybe it will.

I like to think of the phrase a little differently. This too shall pass because life is transient and never permanent. This too shall pass because you can’t pause a sunset or rewind time back to that perfect first experience. This too shall pass because our minds warp memories the more we revisit them anyway, and even our minds are not infallible.

This too shall pass and so we should take solace in that, but also grab life as hard as we can and not let go.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t quite get to 1,666 words today during Nanowrimo. Don’t pace about the room thinking of all the ways you could have written more — if only you’d not stopped at the roadside to look at that sunset. Life passes us by, and we can’t rewind it just like we can’t rewind time so just do your best. Do your best and make sure when you’re not writing (even when you are) that you take a little time each day to appreciate the things around you that won’t be here forever.





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