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Why to walk

It may sound like the most basic suggestion anyone has ever had the chutzpah to voice but let’s just explore it for a little while and see what happens before we judge.

Walking stretches the legs, but it also relaxes the mind. It’s no secret that a change of scenery can result in a change of thinking.

Ever walked into a room and suddenly had no idea why you went there in the first place? Sometimes your surroundings act as cues for your mind — in this particular case doors can act as cues for you to reset your short term memory, sort of like turning the page on a book they symbolise a new start. You’ve moved room so you turn the page.

Things like this can happen on walks too, but for the better of your mind and not in a confusing way. Thoughts that seemed stuck can loosen up; plots that weren’t working can be resolved; walking through new surroundings, or those intensely familiar can help you process the thoughts that just weren’t working at your desk.

Enjoying #Autumn dewy mornings in the Highland Wildlife Park #hwp #scotland #fall #floral #nature #wilderness #instagood #colours #light #beautiful #grass

Where to walk

This part is kind of up to you. I like walking down hidden lanes and discovering new paths. I like looking for the simple beauty in things, and exploring in the areas near to me. Walking can happen pretty much wherever you want, it’s the movement that’s important.

When to walk

Walk when you’re tied; walk when you’re fidgeting; walk when you’ve found a loose thread, unravelled it, and discovered that it has no end. Walk to alleviate the aches of sitting at a desk and to clear the smog in your mind. Walk even when you think you might just want to sleep instead.

Do you walk?


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