Wih this time of year comes a lot of promises we make to ourselves. We promise to not eat totally all of the cakes in one sitting, or to stop completely drowning oneself in maple syrup or not to kill all the characters in your current draft etc etc. I’ve heard a popular one is book writing so I’ve written down five things I know in this area! If you’re already writing a book maybe you’ll agree and maybe you won’t. I guess the beauty of writing is that it is often times tres subjective!
I’ve altered this from a different post I once wrote this one time at 3am in the morning. You can hardly notice the difference at all:
1. Make sure this is not a dream: Don’t tell me you haven’t dreamed about your first book a robot uprising for a long time now. You have! I have! We all have! If you are dreaming, any actions you take (killing robots typos, stocking up on food, etc) will be for naught! Make certain this is actually happening before proceeding, getting excited, throwing up into a waste paper basket, hiding in a kitchen cabinet, etc.

2. Know your Enemy: The robots book know you so make sure you know them! Research like never before! Read in and out of your genre! Find your place and then don’t let yourself be comfortable! Challenge the norm! Break free of the rules! Write what pleases you but know what pleases everyone else. Knowledge is power, and never more so when you want to make your life about writing! Blogs on writing and publishing can be super handy in this regard. They can let you know you’re not alone, and help you understand some of the finer and tricksier elements of publishing.

3. Fight Back: The robots book won’t go easy on you so don’t go easy on them it. Allow yourself to have fun but don’t shy away from experiments. Throw in a high kick weird chapter every now and then, do everything you can to survive and then do more than that. Nobody expects a masterpiece for your first fight book. Give them one anyway! Don’t be afraid to aim big and high and wide.
4. Warn Your Friends: As any good robot typo killing aficionado will tell you, it’s important to tell what friends you have left in this post apocalyptic wasteland of your plans. No main character can go it alone, don’t make yourself do so either! Harry didn’t have to face Voldemort alone and Frodo wouldn’t have made it without his handy dandy friend so go wild! Throw a “I’m a robot killing maniac writer” party. Eat cake. What’s the point of a journey if you’ve nobody to share it with? They’ll laugh, they’ll cry, but ultimately they’ll stand by your side and be very excited for you. Everyone needs friends, even if you already have twenty billion imaginary ones already (pro tip: tell them what you’re doing too).

5. Be the change you want to see I’m yourself: The robots have super fancy technology to upgrade their writing skills from zero to JK Rowling in a matter of seconds but we don’t have that luxury. As it happens, we have something far better, we have determination my friends! If you want to be dedicated to your craft, be dedicated. Write every day. If you want to be a writer of romance, or of space operas, or detective novels set in westerns, you have your own permission to do so. It sounds very zen and touchy-feely but of you want this, to be a robot typo assassin, dig deep and become one! Change is easy, it happens every day to ever one of us. It’s accepting that change that is the hard part. Accept it! Begin your journey! Blog, twitter, and tumbl! Be who you want to be. If that’s a penguin, then so be it. Awesome! I love penguins. Please also be my penguin friend, consider this a formal request from me to you for you to be my buddy.

How do you deal with robot uprisings writing? Have any tips on how to be yourself or deal with a lot of penguin friends? Just kidding I don’t have any friends haahahahahahaha.


  • Mia Hayson

    Oh but that lamp post (sign post?) that got a good kicking for just being there! The injustice of it all! LOL ! OH but it did make me spit out my aperitif! LOL! I'd totally trade my friends for penguins. Kidding! Take care

  • Mia Hayson

    Once I made it past Dean Winchester, I got all fuzzy-giddy about the penguins. I'll just say that what I read while not distracted by Dean, cute penguins and a post getting wholly-mopped (lol!!) I thought was rather helpful 🙂

  • Mia Hayson

    Penguins! Oh right, there was a topic in there. *goes to read again*

    I have writing buddies, make goals and challenge others to do the same. Me and a friend are in a submission challenge right now. We have to submit 7 stories by February 14th. I need to get writing in fact so I can edit and submit by then. *hurries away*

  • Mia Hayson

    Robots and typos is tricksy, precious.

  • Mia Hayson

    You are always good for a fun writing laugh! 🙂 christy

  • Mia Hayson

    Typos. I hate them but they love me.

    Sorry if I posted the same comment twice. Got kicked out the first time.

  • Mia Hayson

    This is awesome. ^_^ But why are those people kicking that pole?! You find amazing GIFs. 😉 I usually don't deal with my robot uprisings. I just let them rise. I barter, too. They can rule my soul, but only if I get regular supplies of peanut butter.


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