The short about

Mia Hayson


  • I write.
  • I live in Scotland which can be kind of to very awesome.
  • I have intimate knowledge of snow.
  • Also, rain.
  • I wear odd socks.
  • I like zombies.
  • Also, old horror films; this stems from a need to scare myself stupid and probably is indicative of le crazy.
  • I research le psychology when not writing.
  • Sometimes I overuse semi-colons, also commas.
  • It is a fair bet you can excite me through use of either i) glitter, ii) words, or iii) both.
  • In my spare time I appear to be creating the world’s largest boot collection.
  • In magnitude, not actual size. I do not live in a boot.
  • Also, I have a pretty decent apocalypse plan.
  • I have a twitter
  • Also, a tumblr
  • You can email me


  • I cannot ice skate, this renders all dreams RE champion figure ice skating moot.
  • Snow is cold, yo.
  • The internet is a vast and lonely place
  • I lose a lot of socks.