Constellations Of You

Spacey image inspiring

Constellations Of You

In the midst of studying euclidean geometry on Mars you’d hardly think you could misplace a sister but 825 days ago that’s exactly what Atlas Brown did. Now grounded on Mars with a super, bordering on dangerously, casual foster parent and an emotionally stunted best friend, Atlas spends her nights searching the skies for traces of the sibling who left her behind.

Ciro lives geometry. Bone rattling, starship destroying, vomit inducing geometry, that isn’t worth thinking about so long as your ship doesn’t crash. Even when it does, say directly into the surface of Mars because your only pilot is sick and you’re not that great at flying your rust bucket of a vessel, even then it’s not worth mulling over.

When the two meet they crash into each other, literally, and in the aftermath both have something to gain from the other. One the chance at a long lost dream, and the other hope of reuniting their family finally, and once and for all.

On the run from half of the known solar system, neither one of them are looking for a friendship. But when Ciro’s sick sister takes a turn for the worse, and Atlas is in danger, Ciro finds himself fighting for not just the girl he’s come to love but for the whole system.

40,000 of 80,000 words