The Long About

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I write young adult fiction. I live in the Caribbean (but I’m from Scotland). I like tea, gifs, & writing words that make people feel.

  • the time I accidentally coated an entire pie in glue and then tired to tenuously link it to reading, also all the other times things have been tenuously linked to writing and books;
  • that other time I hurtled down mountains at approx one million miles an hour and fell off a ski tow repeatedly but it was all fine because it gave me something to blog about;
  • a fair amount of writing — something I find to be the most fun in all the word. It is also the most frustrating, and most confusing, but it makes up for that fact by virtue of being essentially magic. When I’m not writing I’m probably not breathing omg call an ambulance don’t just sit there can’t you see I need commas and pronouns and captial letters to live what is life;
  • no small amount of editing, discovering the joy of em-dashes and considering how much people’s editing faces kind of look like poopy faces sorry not sorry for giving you that image;
  • falling in love — I am in love with the way people wince when they tell you something they think you won’t like. I am in love with scars, and the stories they carry. I am in love with tired eyes and weary smiles that say “hey, I am alive, and I am living every moment as hard as I can”. I am in love with dreams, and the secret messages scrawled on my walls. I am in love with life, and that in itself is a wonderful thing to behold.


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